My Person

Derek Lawrence Mumm.

Born March 27, 1995 in St. Cloud, Minnesota to Melissa and Ronald Mumm.

Lover of duck hunting and BMX racing.

Animal cracker aficionado.

Follower of Jesus.

Pastoral Studies major at North Central University.



I met Derek when I was 19 years old at North Central University, where we both go to school. I was in leadership on his sister floor (our floors are not co-ed, so one guy floor and one girl floor get paired up each year to encourage friendships with the opposite sex) and he was just some new kid learning to navigate life at NCU. He never attended any of the events I helped work so hard to plan. He never sat by me in the one class we had together. He never texted me when I gave him my number (he kept leaving stuff in the suite area of the dorm I lived in and I gave him my number to make it “easier” for him to get his stuff back… yeah right). But there was something about him. Every time I saw him in the cafeteria, or saw him walking by in the hallways, my heart caught in my throat. I didn’t even think he was cute at the time. To be honest, I thought he looked like he was 12. I knew nothingĀ about him, but I could not get him out of my head.

One fateful day, the class we shared had an upcoming exam that was going to be pretty tough. While sitting in my bedroom, I look down to see a snap from none other than sabreball101 (Derek) on my phone. My heart literally stopped beating. “Are you studying for the test?” That was all it said. I snapped back and said “Yeah!” He opened it. And he DID NOT respond. What? Who does that? And me being the independent woman who don’t need no man that I was of course was NOT going to snap him a second time…

So I snapped him a second time. Don’t judge me, this boy had gotten to me, you guys. “We should study together!” FINALLY, he responded. “YEAH! Let’s do it!” So he ended up FINALLY using the number I had given him about a month earlier and we set up a time to study.

That study session did absolutely nothing to better my chances of an A on that exam. We spent about two hours just talking about our lives, our families, our hopes and our dreams for the future… In other words, I spent about two hours falling hard for this boy I knew nothing about, who I didn’t even think was that cute… who was shorter than me… who was younger than me. What the heck was going on?? The whole two hours, I warred with myself on what was going on in my head and in my heart. I in no way was desperate. I was very content being single. I actually loved it. I assumed I was going to be that way forever. And then all of a sudden there’s this guy in front of me that matches none of the things I thought I wanted in a guy… and he’s all I can think about. Now, I’m not one to keep my thoughts to myself. When I like someone, I let them know it. I am not a fan of those games of “maybe he’ll just figure it out himself” or “ignore him altogether and make him want you” at all. So, as we were packing up and he was about to leave, I couldn’t even control the words that flew out of my mouth. “I need to tell you something before you go… I’m interested in you.”

“The feeling is definitely mutual.”

WHAT?! I don’t even know what just came out of my mouth. And now all of a sudden I’m hearing the same thing back. I could not breathe. But now here we were, two people who barely knew each other, who were in some kind of mutual infatuation that was based on nothing more than two hours of conversation and months of distant wonder. That one conversation sparked the beginning of an incredible friendship. We became inseparable, and were with each other every second we could be. Three months into that friendship, he finally asked me to be his girlfriend. And only four short months after that, he asked me to be his wife. Man, when you know I guess you really just know. And I didn’t know at all in the beginning… but by the time he popped that question I had never been more sure of anything in my life. Derek and I married 13 months later, and have now been married for almost 8 months. He truly is my person. I love learning new things about him every single day, and I love doing this crazy thing called life with him.

Don’t dismiss those fleeting awe and wonder feelings that grip you and never let you go. You never know what’s waiting at the end of them. For me, it just so happened to be the love of my life. My person.



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