Whole Foods Must Haves

I have never loved grocery shopping as much as I have since starting paleo-ish. Scanning ingredient labels, dragging my husband through the aisles of various health food markets, and falling in love with those spontaneous buys that you’re not sure you’ll love or hate. While we do most of our grocery shopping at Aldi (Hello, we’re college kids on a budget here), there are a few staples that I let myself splurge in every now and then. Trader Joe’s is usually my go-to for those intermittent treats, but today we decided to venture into Whole Foods downtown, and I was in awe. The doors opened and I swear I walked straight into paleo heaven. They have EVERYTHING. They even have pre-spiralized zucchini noodles (because who wants to own something some genius decided to call a vegetti…). I could have strolled through those aisles for decades. BUT I was only in there for a few snacks for the week, so I reluctantly pulled myself away from the aisle of organic pasta sauces and bit my lip passing the grass-fed jerky. I walked out with a few different items that I absolutely LOVE, and I wanted to share some of my favorites with you!


Coffee So Good Cashew Mocha. This stuff is literally nectar straight from the gods. I took one sip and thought my heart was going to explode. I made my husband, who hates coffee with everything inside of him, try a sip. He took not one, not two, but three regular-sized drinks. I’m not kidding, guys. The Lord Himself reached down from heaven and put this in my grocery cart. Thank you, Jesus.


Dang Caramel Sea Salt Toasted Coconut Chips. I LOVE cheesecake (as you should know by my first post). Now, obviously this isn’t cheesecake, so don’t go thinking I have no clue what the heck cheesecake is. Trust me, I could go over every ingredient to every kind ever made for you in my sleep. But somehow for some crazy reason (I think it was the Lord blessing me doubly today), this stuff tastes exactly like cheesecake to me. I opened the bag and wanted to stick it over my head it smells so good. They’re sweet and crunchy, which are two of my favorite things. AND they’re completely healthy. They’re made from all organic ingredients. Who doesn’t want something that tastes like cheesecake but has none of the awful side effects from the dairy and processed sugar? NO ONE.


Cashew Cookie Larabars. These are a regular staple in my diet. You’ll find a lot of Paleo or Whole30 people who will tell you to simply eat three meals a day and leave out the snacks. I am not those people. I LIVE for my midafternoon and evening snacks. I look forward to those more than I look forward to my actual meals. These larabars are my go-to after lunch while I’m heading to class around 2 in the afternoon. Made from nothing but real fruits and nuts, they are nutritious and delicious. I LOVE snack bars, so finding an option that allows me to be fueling my body with appropriate nutrients but still enjoy every second is a lifesaver for me.


Siete Grain Free Sea Salt Tortilla Chips. I could eat chips and guacamole or salsa for the rest of my life and never complain about it. After doing the Whole30, I was planning on going straight back to that lifestyle. However, after reading up on some of the horror stories of what grains and gluten can do to your body after you’ve cut it out, I decided that it just wasn’t worth it. But I was NOT about to walk away from my beloved chips and guac. No thank you. Plantain chips are usually my go-to, but after going through four bags in two weeks (I wasn’t kidding when I said I could eat chips and guac every day), I was getting a little tired of them. I decided to venture down the chip aisle in Whole Foods just to see what was there, and the angels literally sang when I saw these. I have been looking for them EVERYWHERE. Not even Trader Joe’s has them. I grabbed them immediately and opened the bag AS SOON as I got home. I could not tell a difference between them and the real thing. Why subject your body to the terrible things grains and gluten can do to it (if you don’t have any reactions to it, don’t take this as me shaming you. PLEASE eat what your body is comfortable eating. But if you want healthier options, try this out!) when there is something just as tasty with healthier alternatives!!


Well, there you have it. Whole Foods is quickly becoming my heaven on earth. Try these out and venture into other aisles and grab those “will I like it or not” items. The mystery of my taste buds is my favorite part. Enjoy!!






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