Guilt-Free or Guilt-Ridden??

Coffee So Good. I have mentioned this coffee before in my Whole Foods Must Haves, but as I was drinking another delicious one today at my internship, I got a little bored and started to actually read the bottle. “Your daily dose of guilt-free, creamy, caffeinated bliss.”

At first, I didn’t think anything of it, and even felt good about myself. Yeah, I’m drinking something that tastes AMAZING and don’t have to feel bad about it!!! Then, I stopped. Rather than feeling guilt-free, I all of a sudden felt so guilt-ridden. Why, you ask?

Well, as you know, my form of Paleo-ish allows me to splurge on the weekends and have non-compliant foods. This last Saturday, I had an iced toasted marshmallow chai (if you haven’t had one, go get one NOW. You will thank me later.). It is my all-time favorite drink, and I don’t let myself have it that often because of how loaded with sugar it is (not because I think sugar is the devil, but since I stopped eating it in large amounts it makes me feel a little woozy and very irritable, so I’m just watching my intake). But this past Saturday I could NOT WAIT to get down to our local coffee shop and grab one of those babies. Did I feel guilty? No, not at all. I enjoyed every second of that chai. I drank it in the passenger seat while my husband drove around downtown St. Paul with the windows down and my favorite band blaring on the radio. I could not have picked a more perfect day for myself.

But then, I read this. Sitting there in my cubicle, enjoying this so called guilt-free drink, I suddenly felt so much guilt for everything I had drank that wasn’t this. That beautiful, life changing, God-given chai I had enjoyed so much just three days earlier? I suddenly wished I could suck all of those “guilty” substances out of my body.

Why do we do this to ourselves? Why are we using guilt as a form of marketing? Is this drink healthier? Yes. But does that mean anything that isn’t as healthy should make me feel guilty? No. The food we consume should fuel our body or to fuel our happiness. It should NEVER fuel our guilt. We need to get it out of our minds that certain foods can be consumed without even a pinch of guilt while others should be plaguing your mind with every bite. That’s not how this works. We are more than our calorie count. We are more than the grams of sugar or fat we had in a day.

Am I still going to enjoy those incredible Cashew Mochas from Coffee So Good? Yes. Am I still going to enjoy (probably even more so) those mouthwatering Toasted Marshmallow Chais? Oh, heck yes. Am I going to let one or the other make me feel more guilty or like a better person? Never. I hope you won’t either.unnamed


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