An Off-Day

Today is FRIDAY!!!! Friday is my second favorite day, right after Saturday. And this week it’s even better, because I have absolutely no homework I need to get done right away, so praise the Lord for that. As you know, Saturday and Sunday are my off days to enjoy some non-paleo, but still delicious foods. Now, I am definitely a planner. This helps me to really stay on track and not go crazy, so I have already planned out what my off-days are going to look like, and I thought I’d share with you guys what a typical off-day looks like for me!


Saturday: Sleeping in is mine and my husband’s absolute favorite thing to do, and we do it every chance we get. These chances don’t come along too often, so when they do we grasp them with everything in us. This Saturday is one of those opportunities, so we aren’t even planning on getting up until around 10 on Saturday. 7:00 a.m. is our everyday rise time, so it’s so nice to be able to get those 3 extra hours to sleep, cuddle, or just journal and spend some morning time to ourselves. When we sleep in, we usually skip breakfast (sorry to all you breakfast evangelists out there). So, that is our plan for this Saturday. My husband’s best friend has a lacrosse game at 11, so once we get around to getting ready, we are going to head to Segue, our favorite little coffee shop, get him a hot chocolate and get my oh-so-loved toasted marshmallow chai. (Already thanking Jesus for this). Then we are going to head to the lacrosse game and just enjoy the sunshine and incredible weather. (We live in Minnesota. We take advantage of every warm day that comes our way). Lunch will consist of chicken breasts slathered with Tessemae’s Chesapeake Mayo (I just tried this for the first time today because my mom spontaneously sent me a couple jars… God bless that woman’s soul, this stuff is AMAZING), some asparagus, brussel sprouts, and carrots. Yes, that stuff is all paleo compliant. I try to keep my non-compliant stuff to a minimum even on my off days, as it messes with my body and makes me go a little crazy. Once I’m more accustomed to different food groups, I’ll give myself a little more freedom to explore! For dinner, we are going on a date to Whole Foods, which I am SO excited for. My dinner will also be compliant (I haven’t decided what I’m getting yet, but know I’m keeping it compliant), but then we are going to splurge in one of the decadent, delicious, drool-worthy desserts they have displayed in their bakery. I cannot wait to get my hands on some pure sugary, carb-filled heaven. I don’t use those words to condemn the food. I’m learning that looking at food for what it actually contains helps me to understand what I’m putting into my body, but also helps me to normalize these things and not shame myself for eating something so rarely spoken of in “diet” worlds. You can bet I am going to enjoy every last bite of whatever dessert we choose. And I may even cry when it’s all gone…

Sunday: My husband and I are volunteers at our church, so we usually pull out around 7:15 in order to be there on time. Therefore, our Sundays are even earlier wake-up times than our weekdays are. Coffee is a MUST because of this, but I am still on the hunt for some good coffee to make at home, and I am not a fan of the free coffee our church provides. So… we go to McDonald’s. (Shhh, don’t you judge me. Their iced caramel mochas are literally God-breathed.) They also have a deal going on right now that you can get $1 hot chocolates and $2 small mochas… We’re college kids, we love those prices. And my husband loves hot chocolate more than anyone I know, so we’re both very, very happy. We’ll grab those and head off to church. After church this Sunday we are going to some friends’ house to enjoy lunch with them. They also eat pretty Paleo-compliant, and have said they will make my meal compliant regardless of what else they make, so my lunch will be compliant. Dinner is still up in the air, but right now I’m planning on making either a spaghetti squash bake or a chicken sausage and shrimp stirfry. Regardless, it will also be compliant. But then I get my SECOND dessert of the weekend (That’s where I usually spend my most non-compliant energy… I don’t eat dessert throughout the week, but it is my FAVORITE meal of the day… so you better believe I’m getting my share of it on the weekends). We have some red velvet cream-filled cupcakes sitting on our counter that have been calling my name, so I’m indulging in one of those creamy babies. I will not be regretting a second of that.

There you have it! Sometimes I try to incorporate other foods into my weekends, such as dairy, grains, or legumes, but so far everything I’ve tried to incorporate has made me feel a little sick, so I’m taking some time off this weekend and just sticking to the sugar… no shame here. Have a GREAT weekend everyone. Enjoy the weather. Enjoy your indulgences. Don’t let food shaming stop you from grabbing that cookie while you’re out with friends. Live in the moment. ❤


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