Because I Felt Like It

Today, I broke the rules. It’s Wednesday, and I really wanted to catch up with a good friend to see what was going on in her life. But, I really wanted to catch up with her over a nice hot cup of hot chocolate from the coffee shop down the street. BUT NO. It’s not paleo, and it’s Wednesday. But I stopped myself and realized that it was time for me to reevaluate my “rules.” When they start to get in the way of me investing in people and catching up with old friends, something needs to change. So I sat down and started to think about what I could change to allow my life to be a little more flexible and enjoyable. And I realized I still wanted to do the 5 days on/2 days off. But does making those 2 days strictly Saturday and Sunday really make a difference? Why can’t it be Tuesday and Friday one week and then Sunday and Wednesday the next? Why can’t I go with the flow of life and plan my off days according to the schedule that I know is coming up. If I have a birthday party to enjoy on a Wednesday night, am I going to hide in a corner while everyone’s eating cake and joining in a happy moment just because it’s not Saturday or Sunday? Or if a friend wants to go to coffee, am I going to say no because it’s not the weekend? (Yes, I know regular coffee is compliant, but real coffee is the work of the devil, so no thank you). I’ve come to the conclusion that I need to stop adhering to such a strict structure, and instead let my 2 off days kind of find themselves along the way. So, today, I switched out my Sunday for Wednesday. (I already know I need Saturday as an off day because my husband and I have a 12-hour drive back to my hometown in Indiana for our Spring Break. Being paleo on a roadtrip SUCKS, so I already scheduled that one). It’s not going to change anything about my 5 day on/2 day off regimen, but it freed up my day and more importantly my mind to live in the moment and enjoy a nice cup of hot chocolate with a good friend. AND I even got an Apple Cinnamon muffin on top of that, and I enjoyed every single bite of that beautiful baby. Hot chocolate with friends, cake to celebrate your cousin’s 4th birthday,  celebratory ice cream after a long weekend of leading worship at a youth retreat with your faithful band… those are worth going off plan. Let yourself live. Now, if you have absolutely no desire to indulge in those things, then by all means, follow your body’s desires. But if you’re missing out on those memories with family or friends just because it’s not in your schedule, then maybe it’s time to loosen up. Enjoy the moment, for no other reason than just because you feel like it.

Also, pictured is the hot chocolate and muffin I had today because it was too beautiful not to post. Please excuse the huge bite already taken out of the muffin… I couldn’t control myself, okay?! segue


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