A Day of Food

Yesterday was an AMAZING day. I had the entire morning to myself, so I actually took time to let myself wake up, do some pilates, make a yummy breakfast, do some devos while sipping on coffee, and then take a longer, relaxing shower. Because I had more time to myself yesterday, I was very proud with my food. So I wanted to take you on another journey of what I eat in a day!

breakfast 2

Breakfast: I made some chicken breakfast sausage along with a fried egg. I sliced up 1/4 of an avocado and also peeled a cutie. It was SO good. Also, side note: That Georgia Peach candle is from Bath & Body, and it is the greatest candle we have ever had. I’m a huge candle fanatic, and have TONS, so trust me when I say go get it. I LOVE IT. Also, another side note, those Reese’s are for my husband and other people who come over. I used to love them, but haven’t been tempted to take a single one. Whoa.


After breakfast, I relaxed for awhile, and then decided to make some coffee for myself. My mom bought me a Keurig for Christmas, God bless that woman’s soul, so I found a Starbuck’s Pike Roast K-cup and stuck it in the Keurig. I added some almond milk, coconut sugar, and just a tad of agave nectar. I like my coffee SWEET, and have really missed my regular creamers, but this combo did the trick. It was so good.


Lunch: For lunch, I tried out Siete’s almond-flour tortillas for the first time. They were SO good. My husband even opted to use one of them rather than his regular ones. I love my tacos, so finding a paleo option for tortilla shells was like striking gold. I ground up some turkey and put it on the stove, seasoning it with chili powder, cumin, and red crushed pepper. It hardly tasted different than regular taco seasoning, and it didn’t have the added MSG. WIN. I diced up the other 1/4 of the avocado from the morning and some black olives and added that on top of the meat, then drizzled some salsa over the top. It was SO good. I usually try to have a veggie mix with my lunch, but yesterday I had more of a sweet tooth, so I sliced up an apple instead. I LOVE crisp apples, so it definitely did the trick.


Mid-afternoon Snack: Some people are against snacking, but I make it a priority in my day. It’s just enough to get me through the day onto dinner. Like I said, I had a big sweet tooth yesterday, so my snack resembled that. I grabbed some roasted sea-salt almonds, some DANG! Sea Salt Caramel coconut chips, and cut up 2 brownie-flavored CocoRoons (Which are like little cookies just made from paleo-compliant ingredients). It was VERY good, but honestly a little TOO sweet, so I couldn’t finish it.


Dinner: My husband is interviewing for an associate/youth pastor position at a church about 45 minutes away from where we are now, and they asked him to come speak at their youth group last night. So dinner was on them. I grabbed a Carrot Cake Larabar just in case though, because I never know what kind of food will be served. I’m glad I did, because they ordered pizza and breadsticks. They did have grapes though!!! So my dinner consisted of grapes and a Carrot Cake Larabar at first. However, even though I don’t usually eat after 8, I knew my body needed more fuel and sustenance than that, so my husband grabbed me some Chipotle on the way home around 9. I got my go-to, which is a salad with Carnitas, all 3 salsas (mild, medium, and hot), and the guac. Their guac is heavenly. SO GOOD. I don’t have a picture of my dinner because like I said, it was 9 and we had a crazy night, so I forgot to snap a picture before I devoured it.


Anyways, I hope you all had amazing days and that you’re looking forward to the weekend!


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