Most Important Meal of the Day

Happy Sunday, everyone!!

I hope your weekend has been refreshing and full of things that make you happy and content. Today, I wanted to share with you what has quickly become what I look forward to the most EVERY day: my breakfast.


I have never been a breakfast person. I honestly probably went about 4 or 5 years without EVER eating breakfast. Not a pop-tart, not an apple, nothing. I did not eat breakfast. I wasn’t hungry that early. I didn’t think I needed it.

Once I started experimenting with breakfast and making myself eat in the mornings, I realized how wrong I had been. What had I been missing out on?! Breakfast quickly went from being nonexistent in my life to being the thing I looked forward to even before I went to bed the night before. I couldn’t wait to wake up and make my breakfast in the mornings. I get upset now when I don’t have time to make breakfast. With the way my schedule is set up right now with school and interning and other commitments, Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, and Saturday mornings are all mine. Which means Tuesday, Friday, and Sunday mornings are shot. The course of my day and my mood throughout the day on those occasions where I don’t have a free morning to spend time on making my breakfast is DRASTICALLY different from my mood and behavior on the days where I do. Breakfast has changed my life. It gives me way more energy that I didn’t even know I was missing. It makes me happy.

I wanted to share what I have been eating for breakfast literally EVERY day for the last two weeks or so. I am a creature of habit, so I tend to fall in love with a certain meal and just continue to have it until I decide it’s time to move on from that one and experience a new one. The breakfast I’ve been having lately is more calories than I’ve EVER eaten for breakfast before (Side Note: I have become a HUGE fan of not counting calories, and simply allowing yourself to enjoy as much food as your body needs until it’s fun, regardless of the calorie count. However, the last few weeks I have discovered that my mind has been telling me I’m not actually that hungry, and I end the day super lethargic. Because of this I decided to tally up the calories I had been eating on an average day and found that they were way below the safe place I needed to be at. So, I have started counting calories again simply to get a feel of what a SAFE and good count feels like in my body. Once I get the hang of this, I will be going directly back to not counting them anymore). At first, this scared me, but now I’ve realized how much fuller it makes me and how much I have thoroughly enjoyed the food I’m eating. So, here is my go-to breakfast right now:

Breakfast favorite

2 eggs, sunny-side up, fried until the bottom has become a light and crispy golden brown, one tomato sliced topped with sea salt and ground pepper, Greek God’s honey vanilla greek yogurt (see previous post about my journey into adding this as a permanent staple into my Paleo-ish regimen) topped with some sliced strawberries, and sometimes a pineapple strawberry La Croix curate. (I usually just have a glass of regular water, but sometimes I’m feeling that extra splash of flavor and the carbonation). This meal is SO GOOD, guys. I’m drooling right now even thinking about it, and I am already looking forward to tomorrow morning when I get to have it again.


Spend some extra time on yourselves in the morning. Create a breakfast that makes you excited to wake up in the morning and fuel your body. It really is the most important meal of the day. Make it the most enjoyable, too.

Have a great week, everyone!


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