Hi, everyone!

I’m Meg Mumm and I am thepaleoishdish. I am no expert in paleo. I just started in January of this year. Nor am I an expert in self-contentment.

When I was 17, I entered into my first bout with disordered eating. I began to view food as something that would only make me fat, and so I stopped eating it altogether. This created a cycle of insane restriction followed by binging to the point of feeling sick. Disordered eating is something that I have struggled with to this day. My freshman, sophomore, and junior years of college I would go through seasons of eating whatever I wanted followed by seasons of not eating anything at all to make up for it. Just recently, though, I have discovered paleo-ish.

Paleo is a way of eating that involves only whole, pure foods that are meant to fuel your body and bring you to optimal health. Now I’m not saying I think it’s the perfect way to eat nor is it the only way, but for me it is what keeps my mind and body in a safe place. With paleo, you focus on consuming meats, vegetables, fruits, raw nuts, eggs, seafood, and healthy fats and oils (i.e. avocado oil, coconut oil, olive oil). I did this for a full 30 days and was planning on doing it forever. However, I started to realize that even strict adherence to a HEALTHY diet started to bring up old habits of disordered eating and food-shaming. After doing some research, I discovered the ‘ish’ part of this new lifestyle.

Paleo-ish means that you stick to the paleo diet for the most part, but you also give yourself the freedom to LIVE. That means that when I am at a party and there is cake, I don’t have to feel like a terrible person when I cave and have a piece. Rather, I can enjoy the moment and celebrate with those I love while savoring every last bite of that God-given delicacy. It gives me the freedom to make mindful decisions about what I am putting in my body while helping to reduce the shame and guilt that used to come along with it.

Paleo-ish is not for everybody, but it has been one of the best things that I have stumbled upon (other than my awesome, incredible husband who you’ll be reading about eventually). This blog will be dedicated to sharing my paleo-ish journey with you guys. I will be posting some of my favorite recipes, my failures and triumphs with food-shaming, and then just some extra snippets about my life I want you all to know (that’s the fluff part). I hope you all get something out of this and that you will join in this journey with me!