The Scale and Me

For years, I let my worth be determined by a set of numbers. My relationship with gravity was enough to define my value. Every morning, I would wake up and take off every last bit of clothing (God forbid any of that weight would affect the numbers displayed), and place one foot at a time … More The Scale and Me

A Day of Food

Yesterday was an AMAZING day. I had the entire morning to myself, so I actually took time to let myself wake up, do some pilates, make a yummy breakfast, do some devos while sipping on coffee, and then take a longer, relaxing shower. Because I had more time to myself yesterday, I was very proud … More A Day of Food

I’m Back!!

Hi, guys!! I’m so sorry about being AWOL the last week or so. It was my school’s Spring Break, and my husband and I traveled down to Indiana (where I’m from) to spend some time with my family. I don’t get to see them too often, so I was away from my computer and phone … More I’m Back!!

Matter Over Mind

The past couple of days, I have had the WORST stomach cramps and headaches. I haven’t had a headache or stomach ache since I started the Whole 30 a couple of months ago, and paleo made me feel even better. So when it hit me like a truck I had no idea what was going … More Matter Over Mind

Aldi Finds

Happy Sunday, everyone! I hope your weekend was absolutely amazing and that you’re ready for another week! (This is our last week of classes before Spring Break and before my husband and I head to Indiana to see my family and our new nephew!!! We might be a little excited…) Anyway, Sunday is our grocery … More Aldi Finds